Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Battlefield

To you who are still afraid to live boundlessly in the Spirit--to go wherever He goes, to stay wherever He stays, to rest upon His whispers and trust Him to help you know the Truth--here is my message.

You claim that by opening yourself fully to the leading of the Holy Spirit, you open yourself to too great a risk--the risk of being hijacked by some other spirit, the risk of being hijacked by your own flesh.

Well, you are right.

The decision to give yourself over in surrender to the Spirit is the first step you will take onto a battlefield.  Out of the shelter of the ancient trees, onto the exposed plains where missiles fly to and fro and the ground is drenched in blood.  You will come face to face with demons.  You will do battle with things you weren't sure existed beforehand.  Principalities will war over your affections and your trust.  You will cry out in anger against your flesh like you never have before, beating it down again and again.

But you will be with Jesus.

Friend, Jesus is on the battlefield.  He is not a Captain that watches over the battle silently from the shelter of the trees.  He is out there in the mud and blood and sweat, and as long as you stay with Him and hear His every order, you will survive and you will be led into all wisdom and understanding.  He is the best strategist.  He is the Captain.

Soon you will find that fighting next to Him on the battlefield is the safest place to be!  The doctrines and rumors and thrones and kingdoms that drift and sneak among the ancient trees are deadly.  These silent predators ensnare the hearts of those who nobly desire to be wise and informed and steady, but who fear to rest upon the whispers of the Spirit, and thus they do not abide in the shadow of the Almighty.  To really abide, to really walk in wisdom, you must join the Captain on the battlefield.

Go to Jesus in your prayer closet today.  Ask Him to speak to you by His Spirit--in words, in dreams and in visions.  Wait upon Him there.  Ask to be brought onto the battlefield to wage war alongside the Captain.  His is the only victory cry!  Go to Him, beloved!  Even the youngest will not be turned away from boundless devotion to the blazing Life of Christ!!

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